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Founded in 1984 by local Chicago writers, TDC Games
    & Puzzles has had a long-established reputation for
innovative and somewhat zany board games and jigsaw

With the ever-popular titles and franchises such as Dirty
        Minds, Senior Moments and The Made in The USA
shaped puzzles, for over 30 years TDC Games & Puzzles has
stayed true to its eclectic style, with content oriented games
and puzzles that have irreverent humor targeted at adults.

These games and puzzles have become known for their
    marketability and for a noticeably wry sense of humor
that runs throughout the line.

In 2016 TDC Games merged with Wood Expressions. Inc.
  This strategic acquisition has created a much stronger
focus and commitment on the distribution of these products.

This content remains timeless and in style. It will be
    continually updated to meet our ever-changing world
by adding many new titles, updated editions, and add-on
expansion packs.

We look forward to providing many more laughs in the
        years to come.

                   Wood Expressions, Inc

                    444 E. Gardena Blvd, Bldg. A, Gardena CA 90248
                             (310) 329-9143 • Fax (310) 327-7772

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